Join us for Living as Form at Castrum Peregrini

International Conference: LIVING AS FORM

First day with keynotes by: Renzo Martens, Patricia Kaersenhout and Pierluigi Sacco.
On 2nd day ‘Open Space Technology’ facilitated by Mahir Namur, with contributions by Tandem (ECF, Breg Horemans), A Sharing Academy (Merlijn Twaalfhoven), University of Utrecht, dept. Community Art: Practice and Theory (Eugène van Erven), DasArt Creative Producer (Barbara van Lindt), Willem de Kooning Academy (Renee Turner), University of the Arts Utrecht (Thera Jonker), Sandberg Institut (Thomas Spijkermann)

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Stipendium for Established Artists with Commissioner

I’m happy and humbled that The Mondriaan Foundation has generously awarded me the ‘Stipendium for Established Artists with Commissioner’. This funding is for two years and will be used for the research and development of my work with and within Herengracht 401 / Castrum Peregrini. A very big thank you to the Mondriaan Foundation for…

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Waiting for my review copy….

For the past year, I’ve been interviewing different people engaged in art, design, curating and pedagogy to better understand the changes and challenges art schools face.  Throughout these conversations, questions about value surfaced again and again. Last week I was contacted about writing a review of Against Value in the Arts and Education for the…

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Willem de Kooning Academy Studium Generale talk with Jan Verwoert

Studium Generale, lecture by Jan Verwoert on “appropriation–>invocation–>supercommodification”

Jan Verwoert is a critic and writer on contemporary art and cultural theory, based in Berlin. He is a contributing editor of frieze magazine, his writing has appeared in different journals, anthologies and monographs. He teaches at the Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam, the de Appel curatorial programme and the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

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Dear Bill: an ongoing conversation on art education

As my eyes catch yours in passing, I think about the Black Mountain College, and what it must have been like. Did you even use the word ‘curriculum’, or was there simply an unspoken symbiotic flow between lessons and like minds? I can’t imagine what it must have been like to work alongside Josef and Anni Albers – his disciplined studies on colour and her textiles and weaving.

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Chantal Akerman

Chantal Akerman’s wonderful Jeanne Dielman, where daily food preparations subtly build tension throughout the film. Thank you for demonstrating how the profound embeds itself in the quotidian.

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Kingdom in decay

There’s nothing like looking back at your own work and realizing most of it has disappeared with the way of the web, and there ain’t no Wayback Machine that will ever put it back again. Reduced to a few remaining jpegs of crappy resolution screenshots, there’s a sense of frustration, but then I remember that’s…

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