Kore Press and Literary Activism: an interview with Lisa Bowden


Lisa Bowden and Karen Falkenstrom at Kore Press

Since 1993 Kore Press has been dedicated to publishing women’s literary art.  Situated in Tucson, Arizona, it embodies the spirit of “literary activism”.  Kore, pronounced (koray), is the Greek word for daughter and another name for the goddess Persephone.  The press was founded by Lisa Bowden and Karen Falkenstrom, and Shannon Cain is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing and editor of fiction.  Kore’s mission is “to publish and distribute excellent works of literary and artistic value by a diversity of women, those traditionally underrepresented in the cultural mainstream; to promote those voices; and to educate young people about bookmaking, printing, the literary arts as social activism, and publishing.”  The press has printed works by authors/artists such as Alison Deming, Ani DiFranco, Adrienne Rich and Faith Wilding.  Next to these activities, Kore promotes literacy through The Grrls’ Literary Activism Project, a community arts program for girls and young women from ages 14 to 18.

Lisa Bowden, co-founder, poet and book designer talks about literary activism à la Kore-style, and what that entails in practice.  She also discusses Kore’s latest publication, Powder: Writing by Women in the Ranks, from Vietnam to Iraq.

Read the full interview here.