Master Interior Architecture and Retail Design projects in Milan: Instruments. Reimaging the Music Room

Wishing I could be in Milan to see this project in the flesh – of course I witnessed the evolution of prototypes in the MIARD studios, but curious about the installation and the way the works come together as a visual and aural experience at the Ventura Lambrate.  Luckily, others have volunteered to be my eyes and ears there.

“Instruments. Reimaging the Music Room, is an exhibition that centres on the theme of the domestic soundscape and the place of music in the home. The study explores the detection and recognition of an immaterial audio presence or sonic architectures that exists in the home, engendered by our domestic rituals, their space and objects. This audio presence requires the inhabitant to recognize a spatial acuteness, cognition, and mapping, which isn’t necessarily rational, visible or haptic. In turn, the inquiry has generated projects, which offer novel design solutions and alternative ‘sonic’ experiences for contemporary home life.” Read more about Instruments. Reimaging the Music Room