Paper Airplanes: Proposal For Sending Analog Messages In A Wired World

This is an older work out of the De Geuzen archive, which had multiple iterations.  In terms of its history, it was an exercise in tactical media, a proposal for sending analog messages in a wired world.

Flown at Kunstlerhaus Bremen

Flown at the Next 5 Minutes Conference in the Slacker Lounge. It emerged out of idleness and play. Written on the paper is a proposal for handing Amsterdam over to foreigners, Dutchness would then be relegated to a theme park somewhere in the suburbs. A new culture would emerge without old attachments to traditional identity. (text author/s remains anonymous yet ubiquitous)
The plane would later be featured on the cover of Mute magazine, their Next 5 Minutes, Tactical Media Issue.

Became a downloadable on as a part of the DIY collection