The Walk-In Reader at De Appel, Amsterdam

In 1999 De Geuzen made its first Temporary Archive of Shared Interests. Called The Walk-in Reader it occupied the top floor at De Appel, Amsterdam and was made for the 2 exhibition curated by Hou Hanru. Designed in collaboration with artist Apolonija Sustersic , the space was conceived as a open resource for exploring various processes of urban transformation taking place in the Netherlands.


The multi-configurable table with book collection, which was displayed both on the table top and on shelving integrated into its design.

The tables within the space could be configured in a variety of forms depending on the event. Books were laid on top of the table and stored within shelving integrated into the design. Contents such as book, videos, urls, and other materials were collected around three selected themes, Mapping, Moments of Convergence, Envisioning Cultural Paradigms across disciplinary Boundaries and Shifting Economies.

Items within the archive grew and expanded and their were weekly public events, tours and lectures. They were then inventoried and bookmarked in relation to the themes as they were added to the collection both by ourselves and through the generosity of others.

It was a space of public dialogue and programming that took people out into the city, but also an area where exhibition goers could sit and study on their own.

We held regular screenings and the video archive, which was curated by Lennart van Oldenborgh.

You can download the full contents of The Walk-In Reader here.