Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett

Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett, co-founders and co-directors of and the HTTP Gallery, discuss their approach to networked production and culture. Keywords: community, collaboration, mail art, Fluxus, DIY, DIWO and networked environments.

The Skype-streamed lecture took place Feb. 17th, 2009, in the context of a three-day MA seminar entitled, “From Representation to Participation”. Examining participatory and collaborative art practices, the seminar was organized by Renée Turner at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts in Norway.

Participants in the discussion were MA students, Frøydis Linden, Anja Ulset, Elida Brenna Linge, Andrew Taggart, Nina Bang Larsen and guest, Amanda Steggell.

The stream was broadcast from the HTTP Gallery in London where the work of Doron Golan and Michael Szpakowski was on view. For more information on Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett and their diverse activities see:,, and